Art Building Community


Soup on every stove. Art on every wall. Compassion. Charity. Community.

Real progress happens when people dream big, then act on those dreams. Can we really end world hunger and turn everyone into art collectors? Those are certainly big aspirations, but through compassion, charity, and community, we are sure going to try.


ART FÜD is comprised of a volunteer group of artists, art lovers, and compassionate souls. We started this organization because we care about people.

Christopher Huestis (President): Director of PhotoSynthesis. Artist, humanist, optimist, imaginist. Unusually interested in archaic photographic processes.

Julianna Kristoff (Vice President): Artist. Maker. Skee-Ball Enthusiast. When not satiating her occasional wanderlust, she can be found wandering locally at art and music events likely with a film camera in hand. Supporting local events and good causes from the inside and the outside makes her a happy girl.

Jordan F. Smith (Secretary): Retired graphic designer. Artist, historian, foreign film aficionado, story-teller. Fully committed to ART FÜD and a believer in its potential to do good works.

Peter Smith (Treasurer; Director, Legal): A lawyer who likes learning, listening, and alliteration. Peter has considerable experience with community service, and he believes strongly in the mission of ART FÜD to benefit the public good.

Adam Delaura (Director, Marketing and All Things Fun): Musician. Dungeon Master. Librarian turned beer factory owner. Adam is enthusiastic in his support for art, artists, and his community.

Joseph McCarthy (Director, Events)

Tracy Seigle (Director, Marketing Research)