ART FÜD, the organizer of Silk City Fest, has the simply-stated mission of “Art Building Community.” This year’s SCF interactive project is about community building art, and it’s a project designed to raise awareness of an important piece of Manchester history.

The Case Cabin is located in the Case Brothers Historic District. It was built of chestnut logs from the Highland Park property of the Case family in 1918 and represents one of few remaining cabins in Connecticut constructed in the Adirondack style. The cabin is currently unoccupied and in need of extensive repair. It is owned by the Town of Manchester, who is considering demolition of the property. There is a grassroots effort underway, organized by the Friends of the Cabin, to urge the Town to save the cabin and work with them to find ways of preserving it. Art Füd supports this effort.

This year’s SCF interactive art project is about raising awareness of the Case Cabin and the current proceedings around it. Help us symbolically return the Case Cabin to it’s original glory by joining our mural project. Participants will each get to paint a small panel of a cabin scene as it appeared in its early days. As these panels are completed, they will replace matching panels of the cabin in its current state, and thus, in the end, the cabin will be “restored.”

This is for all artists of all skill levels (that includes you, by the way). Bring your creativity. We’ll supply the rest.