ART FÜD is a nonprofit organization with the primary goal of organizing art programs and events to provide sustenance to charitable community causes.

What is ART FÜD?
ART FÜD (pronounced art food) is an art based nonprofit organization that believes basic needs must be met before people can achieve their potential. Formed and managed by a group of artists, ART FÜD’s mission is two-fold:
1. Use art and art-based programs to engage and promote art and artists within the
communities in which it operates and
2: Use art and art based projects to raise funds for sustenance based charities (i.e., food pantries).

How will ART FÜD achieve its goals?
ART FÜD will engage and promote art within the community by conducting affordable art educational programs. Examples of this might include hosting ‘sun printing’ (photographic process) events, basic art and photography classes,
etc. ART FÜD will routinely conduct fundraising projects to benefit local food charities.

What projects will ART FÜD have?
Currently in the works, ART FÜD is planning a fund raising art auction with proceeds to benefit the local food pantry in the fall of 2017. Examples of other projects include community education and engagement through art workshops, participation in existing events such as the SunPrint Festival, and gallery
exhibitions of artwork that promote art in the community.